Off to the land down under! We only had a week to spend in Australia, so we wanted to make it count.  Teal was off to do her second speaking event on the Gold Coast so we landed in Brisbane and made our way to the sunny beaches of AUS.


Our generous friends Blake and Sarah gave us their car to use while we were visiting, and we scored a stunning Air BnB with had great views of the city; waking up to the sounds of unique aussie birds from our room.


Teal hosted her first (and second) international speaking events as the Founder of Relax Into Love on this trip, and had huge success in both Bali and Australia. It was a momentous time for the launch of her newly growing business and has ignited a deeper passion for speaking and hosting live events.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 22.28.16


After the event, we took a few days to explore the surrounding areas. Our favorite was a day trip to the Natural Bridge waterfall in the Springbook National Park.  It was a short hike to the waterfalls but we found them!  There were hundreds of bats in the cave that contained the waterfall.  Quite an experience seeing all of them flying around overhead.




After 7 years, Teal was so excited to reconnect with her old friend and former Aussie roomate Amy. She and her husband generously let us stay with them while in Brisbane and it was so fun to get to re-live old memories of a past life they’d had together.


Spencer was very excited to meet the Koala’s, that’s all he could talk about once we landed in Australia.  It was a special day when we make it to the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes: koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian Devil’s, wombats, echidnas, and various species of reptiles.


Dozens of Koala’s lined the park, eating Eucalyptus leaves and scratching their heads.


Lifelong dream coming true!



So much fun getting to feed the Kangaroos!


The cherry on top of our sanctuary visit was getting to see a real – life platypus! We had no idea they were so small! So cute! It became the new highlight of our visit 🙂


For our last night in Brisbane, Teal showed Spencer around all her old favorite spots from when she lived here 7 years ago. We met up with Amy and Terry for dinner and soaked up the beautiful skyline. It felt weird to be back for Teal, like she was opening up a past chapter of her life again – she had always played with coming back to stay for good. But visiting this time, she knew it was just a wonderful moment in time.


And just like that, it was on to our final leg of the trip – New Zealand!




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