Singapore – City of the Future

To extend our time in Bali more than a month, we had to leave the country for at least one day, and come back to reset our visa. In the traveler world, this is known as a “visa run”. One of the most common places to go on these runs is Singapore, a short two hour flight away.  Upon arriving we were excited to see the city up early.  The view from our airbnb was breathtaking.


Walking around the city the vibe was clean and modern.  Singapore is one of the few countries with a car tax of 100% the cost of the vehicle – paid every 10 years.  This created a peaceful atmosphere with little traffic, empty streets, and excellent public transportation.


Singapore has a massive China Town which is where we stayed for the night in the famous “Cube Hotel”!


The cube hotel was a unique experience.  What sounded like a fun, cool idea turned out to be a mini – nightmare. We crammed into our small assigned cube after a long day exploring the city to find that we had no air conditioning, no ventilation, and no privacy. As we tried sleep, other travelers kept us awake stumbling in at all hours of the night, and we felt like we were suffocating from the coffin – like “bedroom”. Haha all in all it made for a great experience but not something we’d like to replicate again. And we do not recommend it. 😛



Spencer’s absolute favorite part of the city were the street vendors and hawker stands.  Serving anything from Indian, Chinese, Thai food, or local Singaporean dishes for cheap, it was a foodies dream.


This was the famous chicken rice, succulent chicken on top of flavored rice.  So delicious!


Singapore is famous for being safe and orderly.  The punishment for littering or even chewing gum is getting caned by police.  Lucky for us, the only caning we ran into was some tasty sugar cane juice.


Singapore is also known as the land of High Rise buildings. Loving a good rooftop view, we tracked down the perfect place with a happy hour and stunning view to match. Although the restaurant was already “fully booked”, they made an exception for us to come up and enjoy the view for sunset. The famous Marina Bay Sands sits beautifully is in the background.


Fresh oysters and beer were a perfect way to spend the evening.



Tracking down some chocolate covered Mochi for desert! A delicacy in Singapore 🙂


Singapore comes alive at night, when the lights come on the city looks like a futuristic wonderland.



While the time was short, we thoroughly enjoyed Singapore’s sights, accessibility and food!


Now, back to Bali!

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