The Swiss Mountains are calling

After a nice time with friends and family, the journey south to Italy was ready to begin.  On the way we decided to spend a few quality days in Switzerland.  The road through the mountains was beautiful, with a healthy dose of lakes, rivers, and animals grazing on the greenest of grass.



After a few hours, we came upon Lake Lucerne opening up from a huge valley. The scope and size of the mountain next to the Lake was stunning to witness, dwarfing everything man-made that stands nearby.


Our airbnb was located in the small town of Gersau, right on Lake Lucerne.  Filled with charming old homes and restaurants, it was the perfect place for a quiet Swiss getaway.


While the town was small, it was a peaceful stay with great views of the lake.


The highlight of our time in Lucerne was a hike up Mt Rigi.  While not usually a hiker, Teal was persuaded by Spencer to climb to the top and see the stunning views ;).


The jingle of Swiss cowbells sounded in the distance for our entire hike.  Mixed with the sound of birds and rustling wind it was magic.  They say happy cows come from California, but the Swiss cows have better views!


After a nice day hiking in the mountains, we ventured into the town of Lucerne to grab dinner and see the old city.  Sitting on the water with picturesque old buildings, Lucerne felt straight out of a fairy tale.  After the long hike, we were ready to grab a beer and enjoy some dinner.


We finished the night at a bar on the water, watching the sailboats pass by with Mt Rigi in the distance.  A perfect ending to our brief time in Switzerland.


Switzerland is a true gem.  While on the expensive side, it’s citizens enjoy stunning views, and the freshest of air to breathe.  The expansive views left us humbled and grateful to be on our journey. We can’t wait to come back!


On to Italy!



P.S. – Teal made a new friend on the hike!


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