Reflections from the Rice Paddies


A month in January 2019 already flown by…. So crazy to think that we’ve been living in Bali for 3 ½ months. It really has become home in so many ways I love our morning motorbike rides through the rice patties – watching as the seasons change and the rice changes from watery mud banks to little green bright green sprouts, to full bushes of harvest, then dried kindling & empty fields again.

It reminds me every time as I drive by just how beautiful time and growth is. Every moment the world keeps going forward – sprouting , growing, harvesting, and back into the mud again – preparing for the next harvest.

I think for a long time I’ve been trying to GO GO GO – whether in the corporate world, or in my business — I keep reaching — what’s next? What’s next?

But what I’m starting to realise and internalise is that growth doesn’t happen linearly – growth happens CIRCULARLY.

You have to take the time to SINK YOURSELF BACK INTO THE MUD.

Because it’s in that watery, nourishing soil that the next sprout is able to germinate from.

The rice plant that just tries to grow and grow without sinking its new seeds into the earth ends up drying up and becoming dead and spindly. In a sense, our growth comes in the evolution of our soul. Our growth from one seed creates the plant that then fertilizes the next seed of our new being.

And it’s in that moment from going from stalk to new seed where the evolution becomes circular graceful spiraling higher and higher with each revolution.

The sun, the moon, the waves, and the rice fields, they all know and understand this beautiful rhythm of life and evolution.

So why fight the replanting? Why get discouraged when you feel back in the mud?

This is the moment to celebrate the NEW chapter – the next evolution – the rebirthing for the next fruitful harvest.

Sprout ON little seedling. We’re all in this together.


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