Norway in a Nutshell

Our trip started in Oslo Norway.  After a long 10 hour journey from the states, we were ready to unwind with some good food and drink in a cozy bar deep in the city.

IMG_1444 2

We decided on the restaurant Den Glad Gris. Teal ordered the famous Pig Knuckle, much to the delight of the restaurant owner  accustomed to Americans picking safer dishes.  It was delicious alongside a local IPA from Voss that is very hard to find.

IMG_1454 2


The next morning we grabbed some coffee at a cafe, then caught a train across beautiful Norway to Voss.  The views from the train car were stunning.




Once in Voss, our charming host Kari picked us up from the train, and brought us to our humble home for the next 3 nights.


The property sits right alongside a meandering stream were ducks can be seen and heard even while winter is slowly warming into spring.







IMG_1461 2Though we may have chosen to stay and relax in our quaint home for a day, the beauty of the fjords or Norway pulled us out of bed the next morning.

They did not disappoint!



IMG_1471IMG_1467The next morning we set off to go skiing in Voss.  The mountain was only a 10 minute bus ride away.  Teal proved to be quite the skiier, beating Spencer down the mountain time and time again.


Skiing was exhilarating with the expansive views of Norway as a backdrop.  We stopped multiple times down the mountain just to catch our breath and look out upon the horizon.


Our Norway adventure ended in Bergen, a charming city on the west coast of the country.  We grabbed some beers with a couple locals, and ate dinner at the famous fish market.


Norway was a great country, we could feel how much people enjoyed their lives and loved their home country.  The people are very fit and love outdoor activities and good company.  While the food and drink was a bit expensive, we had a great time and would love to visit again during the warmer months.

Now it’s off to Copenhagen!






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